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Hyee…. I am Abhey Gupta ,

I am a programmer by profession and writer by interest. When some was singing ,dancing and playing guitar , i used to wonder what i do ? answer came with words writing.

My interest in literature kindled with the uncertainty of life , first year crises in B. Tech course , because of my behaviour , some times of my expectations , but until , my heart was not broken up , This journey started with hate to freedom, to love and care , to desire and confusion .Many more such rivers are in they bay of thoughts . Dominantly i wrote about love and its passion in my life. Each poem runs a thread of memory and a time period of my life , Some day i hope i can create them into a sequence and write them into story line up . Even after a span , when i read my first poem it remind me of starting of this endless journey . Through a death of desire to celebration of desire , Longing of one to Belonging of other one , Love of life to Hate of time , but it never ends though I fall short of words .

Well , This what i am

Author :  Abhey Gupta

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