I held my breath,
 and moved nervously to her,
 I held her hand,
 and whispered my love,
 Afar from all situations,
 I offered her everything...

I held her in my arms,
 and made her lips impression on mine,
 I moved to her,
 and bid great time ahead...
 Although I stood there for long,
 But i am still there ...

So many night past by,
 and i wondered every day,
 but she never looked back,
 and i wondered "time wasn't right"...
 But i closed my eyes 
 and dreamed of her again ...

It hurt knowing reality is far away,
 and i don't like it anymore,
 But I glanced back through 'the' time,
 and asked her to be my again,
 she didn't understand just like the last time,
 and i offered her a final good bye...

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