Realm of I & we

I wonder,where we would be leading to next,

from realm to realm, hate and to devilment,

a single heartfelt tear cried so long ago,

with untold hidden pain and shall remain so,

my eyes were lost in such a deep contemplation,

and I was once again into the realm of I and we...

pretending to be fearless, I tried my masks,

dominated by soul again, I broke into my own,

light is a realm that helps us see another realm,

I opened my eyes, leads to the time of untold,

but, again I was in a thoughtless & speechless estate,

and leads to a journey to know ,realm of I and we...

an illusion that in a maze seems so real,

darkness is all I see, fear is all I feel,

I evolved a million other realms quixotically,

in return I felt all inside me, perpetually,

life was still going on,same days and nights,

but I found myself living in realm of I and we...


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