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What I thought past of my desire and long dreamed day!  It was awful wake up time to the night of endless chase and pain!… I borrow my own time and run a battle?  To fight with whom?  I shall surrender my soul!  I wear not shell you protect me!  But I tear my wounds to love me!

The dawn of a day..

The shadow of mist will disappear,

Birds will fly on chirping sound,

life will nurture in every corner,

some will rise now or later,

with roosting sound or one of me,

wryly drawing a millions shades in sky,

with so many phase of life,

to reach every new direction it finds,

little things to hold and say,

and from far distant,

i stare at your potent,

far beyond of any reach to conquer ,

the dawn of a day..

Heart of time

Heart of time….

Day on day and turns nights,
Everyday go by one sight,
Here and there, belonging of mine,
Once was there heart of time….

Keys of piano and melody of sounds,
Thunder of sky and broken apart,
Everytime, everyday mirror not shine,
Left with broker heart of time,

Flying with the speed of past,
Nothing last ever in race ends,
This ia not the end nore beginning,
Lay lie in the anger of time…

I bid my love to memories,
Immersed in eyes of time,
Lost but conquered world,
Living self in the heart of time…

One morning

Has gone far in the night,
Left only clues on sight,
Reach you everywhere you go,
World of joy and rejoice…

Falling in the sky,
below your dream line,
Walking on the trees ,
Storm has passed up your side….

There you go and shine,
Glory of her and its time,
Withered and trembled,
But nature has its own drawing…..

I stand between one and another,
One is close to my heart,
And the devastating another one,
But far beyond I reach,  I found her by my side..


Sky of memory

I gaze upto endless sky,
The blue, the vast with countless tries,
And alone n group flying high,
And pass by me birds of sky….

I find my color in clouds of sky,
Life is beautiful ever no defy,
And in the morning dawn,
I wonder by looking whole day…

I open my eyes and flying in sky,
Thou,are everywhere in here.
But with melody of winds,blowing high,
I gaze this gazeless sky….

I look to farther sky,
Miniature everthing potent by self,
Though far from deams and reality,
The sky is raining with love today…

The story

Dunked on weight of own,
surrender peace on welcome of her,
Though not so distant sky is burning,
But the finity is no so serene..

Plain roads are symbolic game,
The closer it seems far it way,
Up above but so disperse in own,
And covering an inch of sky stone…

Noisy but yet entertaining now,
Feels the way riding hell with own,
Hidden glory beneath the flying cloud,
How matter is leaving it comfort shell…

At the full night of dark lorry,
Lord walked to fire and spell a charm,
And I show my heart to thine,  and gone,
The feelings of its are now they called love and hate.