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How far

How far I shall hurt my love,
To afar this pain of soul,
To cross limit of wait,
To smile again with you…

How deep shall I love you,
To have you in my heart,
To live in your dreams again,
To hold my self in you..

How far shall I hold my tears,
To cry in joy of yours,
To waste on you again,
To tear apart my sadness with you…

How far I shall travel alone,
Weaving old and new memories….

Stay with me

Stay in my heart,
Stay in my life,
Stay for the rest of time,
Ever never say good bye,

Stay my friend ,
Stay my student,
Stay my teacher ,
Taunt me, but never leave me,

Stay with me,
Stay with my memories,
Stay with my love,
And never cry without me..

Stay in shadow ,
Stay in smile,
Stay in hmmm,
But never forget me..

Stay happy with me,
Stay more without me,
Stay forever in memories,
And I wish you endless joy..


To there and way it posses,
Being all over my past and future,
I walk behind shadow of mine,
And hope to shine one day?..

See the end and start,
Been through point to line,
Always so close to success,
But do desire ceases?  This way..

New hope and old remembrance,
Old suit and fake smile again,
And I believe in yesterday,
When expectation hanging of own…

Love was easy and breathe,
But with the gone,I lost,
In today end todays success,
And walking alone behind myself today…   

Farewell to love

I fly to the sky,
Pass my dread aside,
I walk on the cloud,
And find you my side..
I open my arms ,
Hold her eyes and cry,
She whispers not new,
But I hold her more tight,
I dive to ground,
And loose her now,
I pray to come with me,
But goddess has her defy,
I cross my heart and weep alone…
But she never comes to see by,
Time goes and her love,
But I am still here to see her my side…

Sky of memory

I gaze upto endless sky,
The blue, the vast with countless tries,
And alone n group flying high,
And pass by me birds of sky….

I find my color in clouds of sky,
Life is beautiful ever no defy,
And in the morning dawn,
I wonder by looking whole day…

I open my eyes and flying in sky,
Thou,are everywhere in here.
But with melody of winds,blowing high,
I gaze this gazeless sky….

I look to farther sky,
Miniature everthing potent by self,
Though far from deams and reality,
The sky is raining with love today…

Who’s she ?

Alone was i defying the world ,

she became my accompany ,

faster i reach to sky,

she was deemed by memories ,

like a weather changes ,

i came to cry again in the raining beauty ,

and alone she sailed my way back to sky again ,

but never resisting the serenity ,

all the way she travelled in a parity ,

and i could give was another parting ,

and like an eclipse ,

it shadowed my soul and clarity ,

all i wondered was joy of another divide ,

and travelled an year of disclosing ,

but she came a queen and conquered the lost world ,

and flowered the joy like a sceptic beauty ,

all the way she travelled alone but never let me feel the same ,

and now i wonder who’s she ,

and why is doing much to me ,

and she smiles and whispers something in the air ,

and all i could listen is her ever lasting word

My best friend 🙂 . . . .