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How far

How far I shall hurt my love,
To afar this pain of soul,
To cross limit of wait,
To smile again with you…

How deep shall I love you,
To have you in my heart,
To live in your dreams again,
To hold my self in you..

How far shall I hold my tears,
To cry in joy of yours,
To waste on you again,
To tear apart my sadness with you…

How far I shall travel alone,
Weaving old and new memories….

Stay with me

Stay in my heart,
Stay in my life,
Stay for the rest of time,
Ever never say good bye,

Stay my friend ,
Stay my student,
Stay my teacher ,
Taunt me, but never leave me,

Stay with me,
Stay with my memories,
Stay with my love,
And never cry without me..

Stay in shadow ,
Stay in smile,
Stay in hmmm,
But never forget me..

Stay happy with me,
Stay more without me,
Stay forever in memories,
And I wish you endless joy..

Happy Valentine

Day come and go,
But what shall I give you today?..
I thought of flowers for beauty,
But nothing I see more than you,
I thought of chocolate for sweet,
But how could be anything sweeter than your voice,
I thought of gift for surprise,
But it seems faded in front of your eyes,
I thought of heart to show love,
But it appears less than your care,
I thought of smile and happiness,
But nothing is like your smile…

And then I thought of words,
And I just wrote poem on you…

Life and you!!

Raving of mine,
to and for thine,
mighty dhimes shine,
beneath of night and time …..

One more bye ,
and stand still sky,
falling but raising voice,
heath of failling love and cries ….

In the name of love ,
i found another me ,
lost and conquered ,one,
carnival of life and thine …..

I want more and more ,
for wait and lost ,
for love and hate ….
To live beauty of life and you …