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Colorfull Night

Like a night full of light ,
scattered raindrops all over ,
skeptic moon under dark cloud,
and breezing wind over my skin ,
fallen apart rain of hope,
running short of thine,
though whispering lone at night,
but through the end we reach start ,
from far sky i see ray ,
a moment of life ,
a second of joy ,
and the hope of new ,
artistically playing a game of hide n seek ,
some times my dreams,
and queen of night ,thou moon ,
long way to go still to reach ,
but beauty lies in ever where i go ,
hidden beneath clouds or shine of thou ,
and i see you laughing at me and my lonely night with or with thou..

Moon and You

It hides in the hew,
To tell I am not with you.
And it shines new,
To tell I am not from you,
It seeks light of other,
To glitter night for you,
It moves swiftly,
To tell beloved of love,
It stand till dawn,
To let you sleep in his arms,
It outrage new a day
To believe existence of you ,
It heads all night,
Silent and signs of you.

Around me

Thundering clouds,  drowning day and lightening night,
I wonder what’s up in the sky,

Feeble sound,  chirping birds,  greener than ever trees,
I find my mirror in these,

Drifting river,  crossing seas, memoirs dissolving along the current,
I put myself in to forget anything..

Feeding mammals,  loving bees, morning roster,
I find shot of words to describe all these..

Over the wire,  top of roof, on flooded road,
I find true adapt of thee,

Dense mangroves field, still life, and murmuring,
The love of you and life..

Today or tomorrow,  love or hate,
I find my peace in you..


Stars hide away, beneath afar dark night,
We look around in heck, and find shine all around,
By cross the bridge,  lies an angel smiling abate,
To reach to go,  far away where she hides her smile,
Day and night all passes away alike,  outshine every pursue,
To un travelled path and inland depth off sea,
Some day alone,  or accompany with cry, but through,
And morning calling for treasure at this time..

I wish

I wish i could take all your pain and fill that place with happiness
I wish i could fly you so high u never feel scared of height
I wish i could love you so much u never know what is hate
I wish i could take you so far , no one knows who we are
I wish i could bring heaven on earth , to show you what you deserve..


And I see her ever-time,
I close my eyes,
I hear someone whispering of love,
I see bird and sky!!

I see her evertime,
When I see nature smiling,
mother caressing her child,
Father holding her daughter,

And I see her evertime,
When I see it’s raining,
I see how cloud take over sky,
I see time clicking away,

And I see her evertime..
When I think of love,
When I dream of life,
When I feel myself lucky..

And I see her evertime,life….

My Life

How long I chase my dream to find them void,
How long I travel alone to path , i aspire,
How far I go alone with one lost reach,
And by y the evening I wake to my own night,
Through and through of my own pain…
And by the morning ,I want to wake up holding one arm,
And smile with you for rest of my life

My heart and life

Holding her arms,  and loving heart,
Wide  spread time of love and era,
Springs of joy and caresses,
Holding every second i breathe,
With you and with mine!

I climb a new wall and shine,
Underneath my old time,
I forget not clings of past,
But I remember beauty of thine!

I hold her lips and impresses mine,
With Greatness of lost dime,
Some come may between thou,
But I forget not every smile1

I hold you deep inside me,
Living you every life I mean,
U come and go but forever,
In my heart and my life . . .