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All over my hate and pain,
Pushes me back again and again..
Standing in the middle of empty road,
I realize my emptiness in worldly crowd…

way to way, with endless my hay,
I realise, I  waste one more day,
And with the lonely house,
I find my emptiness…

Silence of love and hate,
I find my state in staples chase,
Stammering my life one again,
I feel, my emptiness again,

To the lonely road,
To the endless bay,
To the word of dreams,
I live my emptiness again..

Corner of life

I pass by morning again,
To see myself, walking down the same roads,
Some are with me, and lost in past others,
You come and go,  but I wait in one corner of my life  ….

There you come as my belover,
Hold my hand and wish for nothing else,
Love my self and I love the world and my desire, you,
And holding myself in one corner of life,  I wonder nothing else.

And comes the battle and lost,
I run from you and your love,
I watch you go and come and ruin my life,
In one corner of my life,  I regret one and one day…

And with the past morning,
I hold one or more desire, longing for one more,
Lost and lost, to where ever every one been,
From one corner, I see life goes on like this…

Life and you!!

Raving of mine,
to and for thine,
mighty dhimes shine,
beneath of night and time …..

One more bye ,
and stand still sky,
falling but raising voice,
heath of failling love and cries ….

In the name of love ,
i found another me ,
lost and conquered ,one,
carnival of life and thine …..

I want more and more ,
for wait and lost ,
for love and hate ….
To live beauty of life and you …


To there and way it posses,
Being all over my past and future,
I walk behind shadow of mine,
And hope to shine one day?..

See the end and start,
Been through point to line,
Always so close to success,
But do desire ceases?  This way..

New hope and old remembrance,
Old suit and fake smile again,
And I believe in yesterday,
When expectation hanging of own…

Love was easy and breathe,
But with the gone,I lost,
In today end todays success,
And walking alone behind myself today…   

Journey of self

Wake up unto the close of night,
When dreams are of  morning,
Love of peace all around,
And euphoria of new day,
With the sun’s height,
Hope and waving out tides,
Around the corner some players,
Others are waiting for another mornings

Wake up unto the start of day,
With Aim of walking again to destined,
To the endless but known roads,
One with the glorious red lights,
And another, of endless desires,
But time is right with dawn,
New day and new hope,
Just like sun ray, it’s soaking everything,
Today is the day, when it starts.,
Journey of self….

Farewell to love

I fly to the sky,
Pass my dread aside,
I walk on the cloud,
And find you my side..
I open my arms ,
Hold her eyes and cry,
She whispers not new,
But I hold her more tight,
I dive to ground,
And loose her now,
I pray to come with me,
But goddess has her defy,
I cross my heart and weep alone…
But she never comes to see by,
Time goes and her love,
But I am still here to see her my side…

Day with Self

Before moon dwells before sun rise,
I watch the shore after night,
Glimmering in the shadow of light,
Where ever my eyes rush to you,
And I keep on talking to you until,
You wake up in the light of sun,
And I find you every where,
But I’m never gonna stop it,
Till I’m into your arms and out of existence race,
And the rain drops keep on falling on my head….
And I’m lost in you my mother,nature…