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Wish I …

I just wish some times wish I can only hope, wish I can only believe, wish I can only see thou, wish I can only love, wish I can only help, wish I can only walk, holdings one familiar hand of my life, my childhood. Wish when I wished everything and I had , wish to be back when time were innocent, wish when sky is the endless beauty, wish when moon was my friend, wish when I had nothing but my peace, wish when I had courage to dream, wish when broken houses were only card games, wish I could wish now..

Around me

Thundering clouds,  drowning day and lightening night,
I wonder what’s up in the sky,

Feeble sound,  chirping birds,  greener than ever trees,
I find my mirror in these,

Drifting river,  crossing seas, memoirs dissolving along the current,
I put myself in to forget anything..

Feeding mammals,  loving bees, morning roster,
I find shot of words to describe all these..

Over the wire,  top of roof, on flooded road,
I find true adapt of thee,

Dense mangroves field, still life, and murmuring,
The love of you and life..

Today or tomorrow,  love or hate,
I find my peace in you..


Stars hide away, beneath afar dark night,
We look around in heck, and find shine all around,
By cross the bridge,  lies an angel smiling abate,
To reach to go,  far away where she hides her smile,
Day and night all passes away alike,  outshine every pursue,
To un travelled path and inland depth off sea,
Some day alone,  or accompany with cry, but through,
And morning calling for treasure at this time..

Gazing Life

I recall my life and reckon through flakes,
I have so far in an exile of time and its frame,
Though not the plain I have come through,
Not the bed of roses I have laid upon,
Shelter and comfort of beholden and safe,
To fearless of lose and weakening dreams,
Not Loved and cared all the way ,but
I find tranquil when I look back to time,
I step before and watch me run afar,
To reach the end I always admire,
But tress left behind the shadow of ’em,
Be lovers and friends, I hold ’em still,
At nostalgia of time, I whisper my lonely words..
“Wish you were here to complete this journey”

How far

How far I shall hurt my love,
To afar this pain of soul,
To cross limit of wait,
To smile again with you…

How deep shall I love you,
To have you in my heart,
To live in your dreams again,
To hold my self in you..

How far shall I hold my tears,
To cry in joy of yours,
To waste on you again,
To tear apart my sadness with you…

How far I shall travel alone,
Weaving old and new memories….

Stay with me

Stay in my heart,
Stay in my life,
Stay for the rest of time,
Ever never say good bye,

Stay my friend ,
Stay my student,
Stay my teacher ,
Taunt me, but never leave me,

Stay with me,
Stay with my memories,
Stay with my love,
And never cry without me..

Stay in shadow ,
Stay in smile,
Stay in hmmm,
But never forget me..

Stay happy with me,
Stay more without me,
Stay forever in memories,
And I wish you endless joy..