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Real Face

Face on the face,
We wear new face everyday,
I cry today,
I laugh today,
Contextual, sensual,
But every day, I gain new face,
I hold my fear,
I behold my thought,
I scare my life,
I hide my tears,
And wear one on one,
And say life moves on..
Long I go and come
Far I close my thought,
But again on one more night,
I wear another face,
Secluded and scared,
Hideous and gorgeous,
Lame and shame
With the night I put on my real face….

Lost Night

Glimpsed day and thoughts,
Dream and far reality of life,
Someone to know and love,
Someone to call and cry,
And one to call your own,

Sheared eyes and time,
Seek for one lost,
To the past, to the future,
Something to remember and forget,
Something to hold and let go,
And one to keep safe inside…


All over my hate and pain,
Pushes me back again and again..
Standing in the middle of empty road,
I realize my emptiness in worldly crowd…

way to way, with endless my hay,
I realise, I  waste one more day,
And with the lonely house,
I find my emptiness…

Silence of love and hate,
I find my state in staples chase,
Stammering my life one again,
I feel, my emptiness again,

To the lonely road,
To the endless bay,
To the word of dreams,
I live my emptiness again..

Last Chapter

One day She flies in mine thoughts , she dwells ,round alike in my face ,she holds her smile and cry to hold my hands, and promise to last for ever ,

Today she is near but not to heart , close to thoughts , but not mine , she laughs more often but with the lost love of mine , and joy with time ,

I am like a fool , waiting on and on , morning to night , day to dark , love to hate and hate to love , I hope some day she will be mine,

Somewhere known of my intents , she fades away into diminishing wind , and preamble of my pinnacle like heart again this time ,


To there and way it posses,
Being all over my past and future,
I walk behind shadow of mine,
And hope to shine one day?..

See the end and start,
Been through point to line,
Always so close to success,
But do desire ceases?  This way..

New hope and old remembrance,
Old suit and fake smile again,
And I believe in yesterday,
When expectation hanging of own…

Love was easy and breathe,
But with the gone,I lost,
In today end todays success,
And walking alone behind myself today…   


I visit through my doomely eyes around,
Brighter than the sun, night is now,
I travel my memories a more,
Find one kid waiting on count,
And the another, counting on survival,
And offers more happiness than mine,
But city filled of bulbs and sweet,
And melancholic mind like,

Open my arms to reach to him,
But silence of my own stand between,
Gleaming, simmer eyes starring me,
Left me worthless and thoughfull,
What my means of life and brightness,
When all around darkness in one, I see…

I reach my wallet, for pity,
But pityself, to hope so,
I close my eyes and think,
When those are around, but happiness,
Those sweets and crackers,
Wait to burst and laugh,
Day to love and joy of one and all,
But all the day, they hope on on us,
Happiness and us define them,
But they define us too?,

Running Ends of Clock

I’m walking on a plain roads but with steps leaving behind ,
reasons or wanted but quarrel and love in all,
Never the pearl or less than any precious memories ,
but I’m lost in garland of those ,

‘oh you the traveler of memories , where do thou stop and shed your nights in the same place’

Silent way ahead but at the cost of what ?
May be some lost friends ,
may some love buds ,
or just a pieces of my own soul ,
lost in the highway of all,
I’m traveling on a plain ground to leave some more steps behind,
and with hope to last this journey with known,
but the steps of the day that over thirst of my every time
, and joyous in nothing ahead of again but these steps i walked down . .

Chasing Old Dreams

The long time and the way ,
but all I feel have been through few hours past ,
all is clear but forgetting melancholic ,
and i still walk instead of tempting lonelia,
Instead of tag The best moments of life ,
All i have Restless struggle with myself ,
it had started with start to end ,
but with the endless journey of arguments,
day to day passing an inheritance ,

Was it me. . ?

Lone shredding way itself ,
though the steps firm shell ,
descending but into the tomb ,
forward was the next step down ,

every try had a mare for night,
and lugged of scares and hide,
but when thoughts dive into time ,
all it perceives, a lie . . .

But as smokes off the timeline ,
life is beautiful as a drop of time ,
and too little to spill it for hate ,
just add more love to every space ,

life will perish but not the thought ,
and journey of hate , is the sorrow of soul ,
everything will pass but quest last,
was it me chasing every thoughts ? .

Trail of Shadow

As i move far off my shadow ,
all it seems closing me more every time ,
the moment of stand comes with grave of lamb ,
and the life end with the sorrow of lots undone . .
Gestures just leads into somewhere deep lost ,
but the quest is for loosing yourself ,
though it prevail to better tomorrow ,
but the question is, what is worse than satisfaction ,
more you try, to answer every time ,
you weave a knot of another paranoid .
I know it’d never end like this ,
but what i want to know is if this is not the end that what it is and where ? . . .