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Gazing Life

I recall my life and reckon through flakes,
I have so far in an exile of time and its frame,
Though not the plain I have come through,
Not the bed of roses I have laid upon,
Shelter and comfort of beholden and safe,
To fearless of lose and weakening dreams,
Not Loved and cared all the way ,but
I find tranquil when I look back to time,
I step before and watch me run afar,
To reach the end I always admire,
But tress left behind the shadow of ’em,
Be lovers and friends, I hold ’em still,
At nostalgia of time, I whisper my lonely words..
“Wish you were here to complete this journey”


And I see her ever-time,
I close my eyes,
I hear someone whispering of love,
I see bird and sky!!

I see her evertime,
When I see nature smiling,
mother caressing her child,
Father holding her daughter,

And I see her evertime,
When I see it’s raining,
I see how cloud take over sky,
I see time clicking away,

And I see her evertime..
When I think of love,
When I dream of life,
When I feel myself lucky..

And I see her evertime,life….

Real Face

Face on the face,
We wear new face everyday,
I cry today,
I laugh today,
Contextual, sensual,
But every day, I gain new face,
I hold my fear,
I behold my thought,
I scare my life,
I hide my tears,
And wear one on one,
And say life moves on..
Long I go and come
Far I close my thought,
But again on one more night,
I wear another face,
Secluded and scared,
Hideous and gorgeous,
Lame and shame
With the night I put on my real face….

Lost Night

Glimpsed day and thoughts,
Dream and far reality of life,
Someone to know and love,
Someone to call and cry,
And one to call your own,

Sheared eyes and time,
Seek for one lost,
To the past, to the future,
Something to remember and forget,
Something to hold and let go,
And one to keep safe inside…


What I thought past of my desire and long dreamed day!  It was awful wake up time to the night of endless chase and pain!… I borrow my own time and run a battle?  To fight with whom?  I shall surrender my soul!  I wear not shell you protect me!  But I tear my wounds to love me!

My Life

How long I chase my dream to find them void,
How long I travel alone to path , i aspire,
How far I go alone with one lost reach,
And by y the evening I wake to my own night,
Through and through of my own pain…
And by the morning ,I want to wake up holding one arm,
And smile with you for rest of my life

My heart and life

Holding her arms,  and loving heart,
Wide  spread time of love and era,
Springs of joy and caresses,
Holding every second i breathe,
With you and with mine!

I climb a new wall and shine,
Underneath my old time,
I forget not clings of past,
But I remember beauty of thine!

I hold her lips and impresses mine,
With Greatness of lost dime,
Some come may between thou,
But I forget not every smile1

I hold you deep inside me,
Living you every life I mean,
U come and go but forever,
In my heart and my life . . .

How far

How far I shall hurt my love,
To afar this pain of soul,
To cross limit of wait,
To smile again with you…

How deep shall I love you,
To have you in my heart,
To live in your dreams again,
To hold my self in you..

How far shall I hold my tears,
To cry in joy of yours,
To waste on you again,
To tear apart my sadness with you…

How far I shall travel alone,
Weaving old and new memories….